Tuesday, December 16, 2014

29. Fetish Alien

It's time for some dark winter fantasies!

My husband and I live our own odd combination of BDSM and ABDL.
It's not always cute and fluffy,
but also dark and more on the fetish side with latex clothes and gas masks.
So he was more Dom-Husband than Daddy-Husband to me this time. :-)

Yesterday night he made some pictures of me in an outfit, that he chose.
I was wearing 2 diapers for a big bum, a catsuit, a vinyl corset, latex gloves, rubber boots, a latex hood and a gas mask with a breathing tank around my neck.
My Dom-Husband made me get into several positions in this outfit, we did some classic and fun pictures that I will show you next time.

Don't I look like an odd diapered alien?
The more I look at the picture, the more ideas I'm getting for a fetish-fantasy story. :-)

Just imagine yourself, sitting on the couch at one of these winter nights.
It's dark and cold outside. Nobody is on the streets anymore.
Suddenly you get the urge to look out of the window.
You don't know where it is coming from.
But you're following that feeling and walk to the window, that is facing the backstreet.
You can't believe it. It can't be real. Your eyes must play a trick on you.
You rub your eyes and stare at of your window again.
There it really is... Under the light of a street lamp...Walking out of a fog…
A fetish alien. Of a kind, that you have never imagined before.
It must be a female one. You can tell by her corseted waist.
Your whole attention is drawn by the view of her.
Seeing every detail of her outfit and body contours…her back and crutch look padded…really…is she actually wearing diapers under her suit?
Your mouth is getting dry and you suddenly can hear the sound of her breathing through her gas mask.
She slowly lifts her head and her looks directly into your eyes.

What do you think of my outfit and this shot? Did you like it? Any new ideas for shoots? Let me know about it and write a comment. I look forward to your ideas!

Monday, December 8, 2014

28. Guess who's baaaaack!

Hi y'all! :-D

I am finally back! And I'll try to blog on a regular base again, but I really can't promise. Well, let's just see how it goes.

Maybe you are really surprised that I am here again, just all of a sudden. And also wonder why I just dissappeared without any notice and for such a long time.
The reason was: Life.

Life just happened. :-)

Me and my master-daddy-husband are good as always.
We're in good health and our relationship didn't went through anything dramatical.
We started a - hmmmm...let's call it a business, yes that's good!
Soooo, we started a business awhile ago and both got really busy. And we still are.

So sometimes I'll be caught up in so called business and won't be able to blog. Just to let you know, before you think that I'll dissappear again.

That's all you need to know. :-)

I was so surprised to see how many people got to read my blog and see my pictures in the meantime!
I mean, come on! I was in a positive shock! Like really!
This blog has a lot more readers now, than it had when I was active. Over thousand clicks everyday! I would have never expected it, because there were always just a few commenters.

I told Daddy and he was so happy for me! :-)

Makes me really happy, so that I want to dance my happy-boogie-woogie-dance in some new beautiful diapees, hihi!

Another reason to go on with my blog is, that the other blogs, that I used to read had shut down.
It made me sad to see them stop or even dissappear.
What am I going to read now?

Then I guessed that you would feel the same with my blog. Do you?

I am even a little antsy-pantsy-excited to be back!
I hope that you are happy to see me again. Because I am.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

27. Little french maid

Been a while now, that you´ve heard/ read of me. But it was worth the while! :-)
I got some new cool pictures to show off!
They are a bit different than the usual diapergirls pictures, but that´s what I am always going for...the unusual funny and sometimes little bit bizarre look. Hope you like them!

I think it´s cool to have lots of different fetishes, that you can combine easily.
Gasmaks for example are just awesome! Never thought that I would say that, haha! Before I tried on a gasmaks for the first time, I was very afraid to choke in there and I was so 100% sure that I would never ever like it. But once I tried it on, there was no way back! The smell of rubber, the tightness of the mask around your head and the look of a funny insect or pet just got me. I must admit that sometimes it´s a little hard to breath with it...but in a very good way! :-D

And the french maid costume....well is there anybody, that dislikes french maids? I guess not.
There are a lot of much shorter versions out there for Halloween and stuff. But I like the cuter and less slutty version of the french maid costumes. You will more likely find them under cosplay costumes.
Well and they are also very practical in the way, that very thick diapers do fit with them.
I was wearing two padded cloth diapers, one normal disposable diaper and the big rubber panty.

Isn´t that a nice idea? Having a little servant at home in a nice french maid costume, serving you without any interruptions, because she can do her potty breaks in her big diaper. She can´t disobey by talking and whining, because she has the gasmask on. Isn´t that the perfect image of a pervert submissive housewifey?

Monday, July 15, 2013

26. A little "accident" and one of my other fetishes

Hope you all enjoyed a nice summer weekend!

As I mentioned a couple times, I do have other fetishes besides the diaper thing.

We´ve been to a gay pride parade the other week and took the chance to have me go out in a rubber catsuit. Yes, I do like rubber a lot. :-)
That catsuit just has a  short zipper on the back...sooo...I wasn´t able to put the suit off a whole day. Not even for a potty break.
See the picture and try to guess, what I was doing, while standing there!?
I´m gonna give you a hint...it was veeeery releasing. ;-)

I thought it was fun, having a little "accident" while wearing the rubber suit and just letting it flow slooowly down the legs. It felt really funny. If you´ll ever get the chance to try that, you should!

Talking about letting it flow...Have you seen my new virtual fishpond on the site already?
You´ll find it, if you scroll all the way down.
I think it´s cute little thing to play with. :-D

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

25. The reality of wearing diapers 24/7 and...oh yeah that so called common sense.

Since I started wearing diapers regularly, writing my blog, reading other blogs and being in several online-communities about ABDL and BDSM, I had the urge of writing this entry for a while now.
Well...where to start?
There´s a lot on my mind now and I´ll try to write it down in a way and order, that you, my dear reader, can understand it.

This is gonna be a looooong entry.
I hope you´re patient enough to read it all. It´s kind of important to me to let you know, what´s really going on. To make it easier to read, I highlight the key statements

I do understand that people go through different stages in their kink life, of course even I do. Sometimes there are times, that a lot of things happen, sometimes it´s less...but is that a reason to make up things?!

Reading several forum entries and blogs I keep wondering, how high the percentage is of what actually is real. I really keep thinking that a loooot of it is pretending. 
So sorry to destroy people´s castles in the air...not. One needs to face the truth one day, maybe today!

A lot of people try to compete in their bdsm and abdl lifestyle and the expression of 24/7 is mentioned a lot.
Even I define myself being in a 24/7 bdsm and abdl relationship.
So what´s the big deal about it now?

Out of my point of view, I´d say, that 24/7 is just possible if the partners use a lot of common sense and do care for each other.
And I really miss the part of common sense when I read things about let´s say wearing diapers 24/7.

People keep writing that they keep their slave/subs/babies in diapers for a looong time...like days...and think it´s okay and realistic. It is not. The diaper wearing person´s skin can break out really bad, because the urine and also the sweat keeps soaking into the skin. And having the poop slowly finding it´s way into the vagina is not really hygienic. I know that there is porn about fucking girls with poop..but that´s FICTIONAL! You don´t really want your babygirl to get an infection that gives her a lot of pain. (There is bladder and urinal tract infection which can even lead to kidney infection. All those together can lead to the unability to get pregnant.) Please Mommy and Daddy-Doms, use your common sense!

Or the descriptions about the diaper (play)partner being forced to wear huuuuge visible diapers in their normal daily life for months or years. Even so called slaves and ageplayers are normal persons with a job and a social life.

I don´t want to say, that all of that is a lie. I do believe that a very little percentage of that is true. But most of it exaggerated or even made up.

I really like to read and see other people´s story and pictures of their diaper lifestyle, I think of them as a source of inspiration for my own kink and babygirl lifestyle. But I get very irritated when I read things, that cannot be 100% true. 

I do understand, that people are curious about, how we do that whole diaper thing...but sometimes...well I just get really irritated by the questions that I got asked, maybe because my sense of what is normal or not, is different...

Here comes my reality of wearing diapers 24/7:
I do wear diapers for real. 
I wear diapers for a while now...starting in fall 2011. 
I do my potty-breaks in them...both. 
I wear them outside in public...sometimes. 
So I think I know, what´s the real deal.

I do wear diapers, because my partner likes the way it looks and he thinks that it is humiliating for a girl/woman, who normally likes to define herself as sexy.
I do wear diapers, because my partner likes to make me doing dirty, messy things.
I do wear diapers, because it´s comfortable to sit and walk around and not having the need to go to a restroom.
I do wear diapers, because I like my partner to take care of me and changing my diapers. It feels very intimate to lie there in front of him.

I wear diapers for a while now since fall 2011 and it´s been on and off...on and off...because we do have several other fetishes and...oh yeah also a normal vanilla daily life too. :-P
I don´t have a certain day, when I have to wear them. We don´t plan on being kinky or dirty. Keeping a schedule would mean being dominated by it. And being very normal people with a social life, work and other hobbies we don´t always have the need for it.

So this is the 24/7 thing for me. He always has the choice to put me in diapers. Always.
But it depends on him if he uses that possibility or not. I wear them for different purposes...sometimes it´s more the forced humiliation thing, sometimes more the ageplay thing, it depends on what my partner wants me to do. He is just doing things to me, that are reasonable.

My skin gets irritated very fast, if I wear my rubber pants or wear wet diapers for too long and the urine soaks into my skin. My skin will itch a lot and gets red and bumpy.
We looove to use common sense. So whenever he sees that my skin is getting irritated he gives me a diaper break. It would make no sense at all and wouldn´t be reasonable to go on forcing me wearing the diapers to make the skin getting worse, just to keep up the 24/7 thing.

Haha...and you nasty kinky people keep asking me, 
if I do my potty breaks in my diapers...YES I DO! :-D
I always wet them, but doing no. 2 in it...not very often...but it does happen, once in a while.
It takes time to clean up the mess..and we don´t always have the time for that.
I have to admit that I am anxious to get infections from the poop...because I easily get infections and that painfully sucks!!!

And as you can tell by the pictures on my blog, I do wear them outside..sometimes in public, sometimes half-public.
I am a normal young woman with a normal social life, so I don´t really have the urge of being humiliated all the time and force my fetishes onto others, that have nothing to do with it.
So most of our outings are more of half-public nature. It means that there will be a few people, that can see my diapers.

I think, that it is respectless to others to out yourself to much and force that fetish on people by showing it too much. And I don´t want parents to have to explain their young kids, what this is all about.

So this is the whole reality about my diaper life.
I hope nobody feels too offended by this writing, this was not the aim of it. Just to make things clearer.
Imaginating kinky things in your mind IS hoooot, but if you like to live it for a long period and try to figure out, how to make it work, you deserve to get to know, what´s really possible and what´s not.

Hope you guys keep on having fun, reading my blog.
Sometimes it turns out very different from what you expected.
But hey...

Everyday is a new learning experience. ;-)

Monday, July 8, 2013

24. Pyjamas promises! :-)

Hello my dear diaper fetishists!

A little while ago I promised to finally post pictures in my pyjamas.
Though it is still a little bit too warm for wearing pj´s for sleeping, I was wearing them to keep my promises and do the pictures.
You wouldn´t believe how sweaty I felt after running back and forth to my camera to do those pictures.
But it was fun!
I hope you like my pyjamas...I love them, because they look cute and are perfect for a little girl that I am. :-)
I did lots and lots of pictures in different pyjamas, but will be saving them for later. So today I´m just gonna show you my big diaper butt in those pyjamas...

Let´s call this the blue pyjamas series!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

23. Crossdresser Tendencies

Sorry guys, that it takes me so long to do new blog entries.
Summer time seems to be veeery busy for me.

But finally I´m managing to get back to you.
And I have lots of new pictures and stories to tell!!!
I did the requested pyjama and diaper pics and you´ll see them in one of the upcoming posts!

Lately I´ve been more into my other fetishes, such as latex, tightlaced corsets and well...running around in the house naked with the weather being so hot und humid. I was already thinking of showing pictures of that too,  let me know, if you´d be interested to see that at all.

Soo...today I have a confession to make:
YES, I have crossdresser tendencies.
Though I love being a girl and walking around in cute fluffy dresses, I also like being Daddy´s little tomboy.
Like every girl, I love to wear his T-shirts at home, because they are so comfortable and smell sooo good!
I think men clothing is way more comfortable than girls clothing!
I had lots of fun dressing up in Daddy´s clothes, but I am still a little girl while doing that, so I was wearing a nice diaper package, of course.

It consisted of:
two cotton diapers
one disposable diaper
one rubber panty

That´s the best shot of me last night, running around the house in Daddy´s clothes and being stupid!

Here are the other shots. Hope you enjoy my trip to Crossdresserland as much as I did!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

22. Vintage diaper fetish

I was surfing the internet and found another really nice diaper blog!
It´s totally different then what you can find on mine.
There were couple posts on this blog, that I really liked and thought would be worth sharing.
You´ll see couple vintage pictures from the the late 40ies with gorgeous women in...yapp...DIAPERS!!
I guess people through all eras had pervert minds. :-)
Good for us!

Here are the links to the posts:

Did you liked them?
Wanna vintage? - Oh yes, I do!

Here is my interpretation of vintage diaper fetish. :-)

Monday, June 17, 2013

21. Yay! The ohhh-so-ladylike babygirl finally made it to the zoo!

Ohhh you people, you wouldn´t believe it, that it made me soooo happy, that my Daddy finally had the time to take me to the zoo!

I love seeing all those animals, but it also made me sad, that those animals actually are kinda imprisoned and didn´t always seemed to be too happy to live in there.
So, just take a moment to think about that, okay?

We had a wonderful time there!
Daddy was veeeeery caring, so he put me in diapers before we left the house.
I was sweating in my diapers, because it was sooo hot.
I was really glad, that Daddy made me wear a big fancy hat, so I had lots of shade and didn´t get a headache or sunburned.

Me having my little "potty-break" moment while watching the animals.

Daddy even made me show my diapies in a kids playcorner. 
And hey, don´t I look fancy and ladylike in my cool hat and pretty dress?!

Oh yeah and I had my little embarrassing moments there, when I used the restrooms to have a diapers change.
They just had tiny trash cans in the toilet cabins for female articles, that I had to push my used diapers in there...so glad that it did fit...if not, I would have to carry the smelly diapers in me purse all day long.

I always imagine, that people can hear the plastic layer rustle and see me changing the diapers, when they peek through the little slits of the toilet cabins. It was very crowded and people were standing in line right in the front of the toilet cabins..Maybe it´s just in my head, maybe not...Who know´s it exactly?!

It wouldn´t change the situation at all, because Daddy wanted me to do so and he likes when I´m a little embarrassed.

Soooooo...I hope you people enjoyed my visit to the zoo as much as I did!
What are you guys doing in summer in your diapers?
Tell me through the comment function and share it with all the blog readers. :-)
I think it would be fun to know, what others are doing.

Bye, bye!

20. Oooohhh that funny diaper blog!

Hey you blog-reading-people out there!

I hope you enjoy summer as much as I do. :-)

Thanks for the feedback and the ideas, you guys giving me through the comments.
Some of those things we have done already, some we´ll be doing in the future and some will never happen. Sooooorry!

We´ll, I guess it was somehow misleading, that I offered the idea of messy diapers to get you guys starting your brains and coming up with your great inspiring ideas.

There are TWO things, that I promised myself NOT to do on this blog:

1. I´ll never try to make you guys pay for seeing the pictures and reading the blog.
Because I was thinking, if I ever made you people pay for it. You would be my costumers. And rule no. 1 would be: Fullfilling your costumers wishes is most important. I would be submissive to all of you, if I had to do that. And I don´t like the idea of being someone else´s bottom. And it would even stop me from being creative and artsy. And I loooove to come up with new funny ideas to take pictures (btw:  Somehow it´s been a while that I did artsy-tartsy pictures of me in diapers.)

2. I´ll never show messy diapers on here, because I think it´s soo gross to show that to other people. So there will be no No. 1 or No. 2 be shown on here. As I said...soooorry, to make you think that!!! It wasn´t my intention to mislead you guys...

But there is still soooo much to show and tell even without the little Yellow and the big Brown. :-P

Woooow!!! Look!!! Some diapered butt in sport shorts!! That´s my diaper-art. :-D

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

19. Fulfilling my master-daddy-husband´s task.

Hey guys!

I hope you´re all good.
I haven´t been blogging a lot lately, because it´s summer...
I´m kinda having a summer break like all the other kids.
So I´m outside a lot and Daddy and me started playing Basketball in the evenings, when it´s a little bit cooler.

Well, last time I had to ask you guys for some ideas and we´ve even been asking people on a BDSM community.
So my master-daddy-husband chose to let me wear diapers on our basketball-court.

Oh, boy, I felt really embarrassed, but I sure did it. Daddy had to encourage me and making me leaving the house...he even had the housekeys and said to me:
"I got the keys, there´s no place to hide or run for you anymore. Just obey and do, what I want you to do, you´re a brave girl, aren´t you?!"

So we went to the basketball-court and there we´re some people running around it and doing their exercises...I don´t even know how many people looked at my fat diaper bum, I tried concentrating on playing basketball and not to think of the people around us.

But I have to admit, that this situation really pushed my boundaries, but it´s as always:
Once I was able to somehow manage the situation, I felt really proud of myself. :-D

Oops...I almost forgot the part, that happened after playing basketball...
We also went swimming and even shopping afterwards.

They had no single cabins at the place where we went swimming, so I hid in the showers to change from diapers into my bikini. I already thought, that I was allowed to slip into my clothes without diapers afterwards swimming some laps...but my husband made me wear them again...THAT was really a walk of shame from the pool, through the whole gym to our car. I tried to walk really close to the wall and cover my diapered bum with the sports bag...maybe I caught more attention walking like that than walking straight and normal...I don´t know?

Sigh...my life is really far from being boring.
Actually I have to confess, that it really was embarrassing, but also a little bit of fun at the same time.

Monday, June 3, 2013

18. Presentation..Ooooh, he loves it!

This is how my Master-Daddy-Husband loooooves to expose his little girl.
He always likes to come up with new ideas.

And sometimes it is also nice, when other people start being creative and giving inspiration on what a Daddy can do to his little diaper girly.

Now it´s your turn:
If you have an idea, of what you want to see me in (some scenarios to do with diapers pee, poo or whatever..) , describe it in a comment.
My Daddy will decide what he´s going to do with me and we´ll be uploading pictures of it on here.

Like the idea?

Then start being creative and be a part of it! :-P

P.S.: Oh and....don´t be to mean to me, okay?!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

17. Summer dress with special added "something" underneath

Today I just wanted to show the new girly summer dress that I just got from Daddy.
The funny thing about it is, that it is really from the kid´s department in Target. :-)
I love being a little short girl, when it comes to things like this!

It is really easy for us to do and get ageplay stuff, because I am as short as a 12-year old. ( Or even shorter, with kid´s being taller nowadays...) :-D

Before we went out with me in my new lovely white doll-dress, my Daddy took some pictures of me.

Isn´t it just really adorable?!
I love, love, love my new dress with all the lace and layers.
Thank you, Daddy!!!

It really does make me look like a doll or a really young kid. Don´t you think?
And with me being a young kiddy, I needed to wear some very thick diapers under my lovely new dress, so that I don´t get it dirty.

I really felt comfortable going out like this, because the dress was so pouffy, that my diapers were not visible, hehe!

Tell my, if you liked the dress. :-)
I think I´ll be wearing much  more dresses this year, so that I can wear diapers all the time, without feeling too embarrassed with people looking at my ass.

Monday, April 29, 2013

16. Wonderful Hiking in Diapers

I am sooo happy that spring is finally here!
There´s so much more fun things to do, when it´s warmer and sunnier outside.

This weekend my Daddy decided, that it would be nice to go for a hike.
The only "bad" thing about hiking is, that there mostly are no restrooms...and I don´t like it much to pee in the woods, when the grass can tickle me down there. The worst thing is imagining that a tiny spider could crawl into you!!!! Isn´t that gross?!

So I´m better of being in diapers while hiking, no search for spiderless areas to pee, hehe!!

While we were walking, my Daddy told me to walk in front of him and then he called me to stop.
What for?!
He wanted me to show off my diapers to other hikers, who were not too far from us just around the corner of the trail...

I was so embarrassed that I was walking very straight and very fast, so that people couldn´t reach us and take a closer look!

Daddy was laughing so hard about me, when I gave him a veeeery serious look and begged him, to pull down my shirt again.

I was so glad, that he let me pull my shirt down.

I loooove to be his little needy girl, who still wears diapers...but I am not so much into letting all the random vanilla people know about it.

I guess that´s called being half-confident. But it´s okay, we can have people half-seeing/half-knowing, but we don´t need to rub our kinky business under everybody´s nose.

We´re pretty perfect the way we are. :-)

Monday, April 22, 2013

15. Shopping Tour in Diapers

Recently I´ve been asked  a couple of times to show more of my daily life in diapers.
So this time my Master-Daddy-Husband brought a camera with us.
He made some very nice pictures. :-)

As you can see on the first pictures, I was wearing a very short skirt.
I tried to pull it down alittle more, so that my diapered butt wouldn´t show too easy....
Well Daddy said, I wasn´t allowed to pull it down, so this is how I left the house.

So off we went by car to a nice shopping tour!
I was a bit nervous of getting out of the car, because there were some people in the parking lot getting to their cars...And remember? I wasn´t allowed to pull down my little skirt again.
I can´t remember being out with such a short skirt and such a padded butt....well....ever...
Most of the time I like to wear jeans and even the more baggy-style/bootcut-style ones, so that the diapers can´t be really seen.
But this time I tried to be Daddy´s good girl and be brave.
And It worked! Actually I have a positive feeling when I think of that day.

And, of course:
Shopping tours are no shopping tours, if you don´t try on at least a handful of clothes, right?
So today you guys are allowed follow me into the fitting room and watch a girl changes her clothes.

Come on! Just sneak in! There is still plenty of room in this cabin!

I hope you guys enjoyed virtually being with me on my shopping tour!
I enjoyed showing off my little diapered butt and telling you about this outing.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

14. Tasks for a little girl

My Master-Daddy-Husband told me, that I have to take new pictures for my blog.
He insisted that I have to take some with my in rubber panties.

I always try to come up with new ideas how to take pictures, that are different from everything I ever saw on the internet, so that my pictures will look nice and funny.
I love to do all those selfs, dressing up, trying different colours, different lightning and angles to take pictures.

So this whole picture taking for my blog became a new creative hobby:

Hope you guys have fun, looking at my new pictures.
Let me know, what you like most so far!

Oh and here is some serious talk, that I feel like having now:
Please never ever steal my pictures by putting them in random diapered girls picture collection,
like a lot of people do!
If you like to, please ask me and mention my blog and my name by putting a link underneath the picture.

My blog and all the pictures are free and will stay free.
So keep in mind, that there is a little girl out there who puts a lot of time and effort to keep all of you entertained.

Don´t destroy that joy, by stealing, okay?

Friday, April 12, 2013

13. The little devoted girl and her Master – How I got into kink told in a tale

Once upon a time, there was a little devoted girl, who knew almost nothing about BDSM and all the filthy sick stuff that comes with it yet. Well NOT YET…

But there came a day that she finally discovered a BDSM internet community. For being a young almost innocent girl, who was kinda “new in town”, she got lots lots of messages of men. They were very busy with one hand using it as their lusty hand-engine while typing and telling me, that they were looking for the girl of their dreams.

After a few chats, calls and dates the little devoted girl found herself with a man, who was able to show her a whole new world…the world of fetish! (Attention! Attention! Watch out for Pandora´s box!)
He showed her a lot of different things…It was easy for her to adapt to his preference for vinyl, latex and corsets. Because she was, like every little girl, such an attention-bitch and enjoyed the attention she was getting while wearing the fetish clothes he gave her.

One evening he just grabbed her and put her into diapers without any warning. He told her, that she was to wear that diaper as long as she needed to pee in it. She was making such a face, because she didn´t like that at all! That was sooo embarrassing, unsexy and immature. She felt so humiliated…
But for being such a good and obedient little girl to her master, she didn´t make a big drama out of it, but did as she´d been told.

It got easier with every time and somewhen she just started to like wearing diapers.
Fortunately she was able to see good and practical things in wearing diapers: Like going on a shopping tour without potty break!

She was always soo proud, whenever she was able to pee in her little diaper in public!
Smirkingly walking at her master´s hand, she looked up to him and gently whispered to him, that she just peed in the middle of all those people, who were passing by.

When he finally bend down and looked at her, she could see in his expression how proud he was of his little obedient girl.

They went through a lot more of crazy and wonderful things together and…there is much, much more to come for them!

Monday, March 25, 2013

12. Life´s so happily light!

Though people say, that life is a rollercoaster.
Hopefully there will be more great Highs than sad Downs in everyone´s life.

For me, being a girl , makes my life much easier, than it was before.
There is always someone taking care of me and telling me, what I am supposed to do and what not.

When I am stubborn and naughty, Daddy knows how to handle his girl!
I don´t need to worry about the BIG problems in life anymore, so that puts off the weight of worries of me.
I don´t even need to worry about, when to use the bathroom, hehe!

It really makes me feel so light and happy, that I can jump and dance around the house.

I find myself dancing to  Moi Lolita  from that cuteness of a french singer Alizée.

"Moi je m´appelle LOLITA..."

"Qu´un phénomène: Je m´appelle LOLITA.
LO de vie, LO aux amours deluviennes."

"Moi je m´appelle LOLITA.
Coléreuse et pas.
Mi-coton, mi-laine."

"C´est pas ma faute.
Et quand je donne ma langue aux chats.
Je voir les autres,
tout prêts à se jeter sur moi."

"Si j´entends tout autour de moi.
Hello! Helli! T´es a...LOLITA."